During the busy holiday season, it seems like everyone clamors for your attention at their newest wares and offerings. Finding the perfect gift becomes a mission statement, rather than a joyful experience that grows out of our care for others.

At EducationCloset, our guiding principle is to inspire educators everywhere to integrate creativity and joy into their classrooms. Every single resource we offer is designed with this in mind. So we don’t have wares to sell you or the latest gadget. Instead, we want to share with you something else this Black Friday: resources that can help ease the burden on educators and bring back the heart of teaching.

This season, we’re giving back. These simple packages will provide you with bundles and unique offerings on our best offerings for dedicated teachers and leaders. Each week, starting today, we are hosting a single special offer that will expire once the week finishes. This is your sneak peek into a journey of giving, rather than a race to the finish line of buying.


If you know a teacher, or if you ARE an educator, we look forward to serving you and building our collective genius together.

To see this week’s special holiday package, just click here.

Be careful out there this weekend and I hope you have a wonderful kickoff to the holidays!