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Overview: Creating story through theater with the elements of character, setting, conflict and solution.

Next week, we’re offering our second Online LIVE Event for Reading and Art Comprehension Strategies.  We’re so excited Lisa and Jenny are sharing ideas for tying these two areas together in a way honoring both contents individually.  As our way of preparing for that event, today we’re sharing a lesson seed with you, tying together writing and theatre.  While reading and writing are separate pieces of the English/Language Arts bucket, they go hand-in-hand with this new lesson.

I got the idea for this lesson from this great post about creating a story .It uses only 4 elements: character, setting, conflict and solution.  This is definitely an area many students in the elementary grades need to work on. In order for them to fully understand plot development in both reading and writing a text.  After being inspired by this simple idea, I thought about their natural connection. Then, having the ability to portray through acting the natural sequence of these four elements.  In today’s lesson seed, we’re featuring how to move from simple identification to actual development. In addition to, performing using these four elements in both writing and theater.  Enjoy!

Grade level: K-2  |  Content Standard: CCRA.W.3 Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well- chosen details and well-structured event sequences.   |  Arts Standard: Theater Cr2.1.1.a: Contribute to the development of a sequential plot in a guided drama experience (e.g., process drama, story drama, creative drama). 


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