Movement Forces: Free Arts Integration Lesson

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Lessons are BACK!

We’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months on sharing strategies and resources helping you kick off the new school year.  But, we’ve longed to share some new lessons with you, as well.  So, today marks the start of lesson plan month.  New lessons will be added each Tuesday in October and we’ll  showcase the recently released standards.

Overview: Lesson connecting science and dance through energy and force.

Today’s lesson seed explores the idea of energy and force through movement. Connecting the Next Generation Science Standards and National Arts Standards for Dance.  Students will be utilizing the Force Field strategy we shared this summer to navigate through the cause and effect of balanced and unbalanced forces.  Developed for grades 3-5, this lesson seed is designed as a start for exploring the natural connections between science and the arts.


Grade level: 3-5  |  Content: Science and Dance  |  Assessment: Peer Review


movement forces


Download the Lesson PDF Here!

We’d love to hear how you have used movement to connect with other content areas in your classes.  Share your ideas with us below!


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