Greg Pilewski | September 2014

Spark Chasers: A New Podcast Series This Fall

New Podcast Coming This Fall

We’re excited to announce a brand new way to learn and connect with us about Arts Integration, STEAM and Integrated Leadership this fall!  Today, we’re launching the first episode from season one of the Spark Chasers Podcast.  In this series, we’ll explore the big picture of why integration is important. Along with, HOW to implement integration successfully in your school or district.  I’ll be co-hosting the series with Susan Riley, our founder. Together, we’ll discuss issues we continue to hear are pain points for brining Arts Integration and STEAM to life.

Each episode in season one will be available on our SparkChasers Podcast page as soon as it is released online.  You’ll also be able to find the series on iTunes if that’s how you roll.  This is truly our chance to have a down-to-earth conversation about these topics and we hope you’ll share your thoughts as each episode is released.  Just send us your comments using the comments area below and we’ll address them throughout our first season.  Looking forward to exploring ideas together with you!
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The 2014 Series will include 10 episodes that discuss everything from change management to maker education.  We’ll be taking a look at what make innovation click and tick in schools, while embracing the heart of the Arts.  Tune in each week as new episodes air!

About the Author

Greg is a former Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and has nearly twenty years of classroom, school-based and district-level leadership experience in five different public school systems. He has a passion for teaching and learning and a commitment to supporting school-level and system-level leaders with integrated and innovative resources. Not only is Greg an accomplished leader and speaker, he’s also an avid tinkerer in his workshop where he enjoys making projects around his historic home for his lovely wife and two Labrador retrievers. You can catch Greg’s insights right here each and every Thursday and contact him directly at: [email protected]