Managing Integration Podcast

Anyone who has tried using arts integration or STEAM in their classroom knows that it’s a messy process.  So, how do you maintain organization and provide effective classroom management in an integrated lesson?  Today’s podcast will provide you with some practical tips and strategies that I, and many others, have used successfully in the arts integrated classroom.  This 20 minute podcast provides you with easy, low and no-cost ideas for managing chaos while cultivating creativity.  Take a listen!


Key Notes from the Podcast:

  • Start with an area of comfort and collaborate with an aligned educator to create a well-designed lesson
  • Then, create a cheat-sheet of a bulleted sequence of events in the lesson
  • Post both objectives in a visible place
  • Work with the end in mind
  • Create a classroom setup blueprint and create a space/place for everything
  • Practice the lesson and run-through it before implementation
  • Use centers or stations


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