Overview: Using the Puzzle Cube Strategy with Dance and Math expressions

Grade: 6  |  Content StandardCCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.EE.A.2: Expressions and Equations  |  Arts Standard:  DA-Cr1-6b: Explore various methods of movement invention and problem-solving that transfer ideas into movement vocabulary. Discuss the effect of methods with others using dance vocabulary.


This lesson uses the Puzzle Cube arts integration strategy that we introduced to you and embeds it within a 6th grade math lesson surrounding expressions using letters in substitution of numbers.  You can use the Puzzle Cube strategy for any content area, but middle school math can sometimes be a challenge for integrating areas other than visual arts.  We’ve woven a dance standard that focuses on problem-solving and movement invention as the method through which expressions are explored.  The assessment is particularly interesting, because it asks the students to backward map a dance solution into a problem for others to solve.  Enjoy this free lesson and don’t forget to peruse our arts integration lesson page for over 40 other lesson ideas.