It’s time to get this STEAM idea out there and what better way to do that than one the one thing that’s always attached to us: our mobile devices!  As a celebration of our upcoming online STEAM conference, we’re sharing with you these cool lock screens and wallpapers for your iPhones, Android phones, and iPads – for FREE.  Just click the link that best matches your device (not all models are supported, but images can be modified to be used on most phones and tablets), save it to your device and select it as your lock screen or wallpaper.  Join the STEAM revolution – share the importance of the arts on the go!

STEAM images for iPhone, Android, and iPad


Genius Graphic: iPhone 3/4/4S  |  iPhone 5

Slide to Unlock Innovation Graphic: iPhone 3/4/4S  |  iPhone 5


Genius Graphic: iPad 2/Air

Slide to Unlock Innovation Graphic: iPad 2/Air


Genius Graphic: Samsung Galaxy S3  |  Samsung Galaxy S4

Slide to Unlock Innovation Graphic: Samsung Galaxy S3  |  Samsung Galaxy S4