Overview: Lesson using music to recognize and perform multi-syllabic words.

Content Areas: Reading and Music

Grade Level: K-2

This lesson seed focuses on providing kindergarten through second grade students with a ways to recognize and perform multi-syllabic words through music.  This is a challenging piece for students in these grade levels; students can easily perform the syllabic sounds but have difficulty in translating that into the correct amount of syllables.  By utilizing music and found sounds to break apart the syllables in these words, students have a concrete experience that helps them to make this connection.

This lesson uses the What’s Your Name strategy that we’ve shared as the access point into a more comprehensive application of this work.  For maximum effect, take the time to explore the strategy first – up to 30 minutes – and then use this lesson seed to extend into the syllable work.  If you take the time to really dig into the strategy first, students will be much more successful in translating their learning into true understanding.