In the world of Arts Integration, music often seems to be the artform that is least used in classrooms.  This is understandable, as it is a performing art that often opens all of us up to our most vulnerable selves.  You may not feel capable of performing music for fear of a negative “American Idol Judge” response.

But integrating music into the classroom doesn’t needs to be out of reach.  Today, I’d like to share one of my favorite music strategies for bringing more rhythm and risk-taking to your classroom.  This strategy is used most often in “World Music Drumming” from Will Schmid and can be done either with a set of African drums or with found objects and body percussion.  One of the reasons I love this strategy is because it is a music strategy that doesn’t require many resources to use.  Plus, if you have a name, you can perform this technique.

In this short video, we’ll discuss the name arts integration strategy. You’ll see an example of the exact strategy, as well as an explanation for how to take this simple technique and transform it into a full arts integration lesson that connects to reading, math or social studies.  Music doesn’t have to be a scary name in an arts integration classroom!



what's your name