Arts Integration Strategy Master Class, Education ClosetGreat news!  Our popular Master Class series is back for 2014 and we have an incredible offering to kick off the New Year.  For February, we have an Arts Integration Strategy Master Class that will give you the tools you need to excite and engage your students in authentic arts experiences.

We have people who visit EducationCloset every day just so that they can spark their teaching with new Arts Integration strategies.  But one of the struggles for educators is how to translate those strategies into lessons that will have a real impact on student learning.  Additionally, we receive many emails from our readers who are just unsure that they are using the strategy as it was intended.  That’s where this Master Class comes in!  We are bringing you “tried and true” Arts Integration strategies with the guidance you’re looking for to ensure success in your classroom.

During this month’s Master Class, we’ll take you through 15 Arts Integration strategies in all 4 arts areas: visual art, music, dance and drama.  Each strategy will include suggestions for how to use it in the classroom for maximum impact in the chosen area of focus.   We’ll be sharing many brand new strategies as well as some old favorites with more comprehensive application suggestions.   Plus, we’ll include practical suggestions for ways that technology can be used to support the strategies we’ll be sharing. And as always, we’ll be making the resource eBook used during the presentation available for purchase, should you feel it would be valuable to your educational practice.


If you need a bit of a refresh mid-year, this Master Class may be just what you’re looking for.  Join us on February 19th at 7PM EST for this FREE live Master Class event.  We are so excited to share these strategies with you!

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