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As today is Christmas Eve, we’re going to keep this short and sweet.  After all, you’ve got wrapping to do and eggnog to drink!  We do want to leave you with one reminder, however, before you launch full force into the next few days: make time to embrace all of your arts experiences.

Savor the music you listen to – maybe even turn it up.  If you sing off-key, it’s okay.  Sing anyway and feel the pure joy that spreads across your face as you do.

Gather your holiday cards and place them in an area where you can see them everyday.  Take a moment to admire the pictures, the typography, the beautiful colors and the fact that someone cares about you enough to send you a piece of their heart.

Dance in the middle of the room with your family.  There’s nothing quite as freeing as a family dance party, whether fast or slow, to feel the power of what movement can do for your soul.

Seek out a holiday play or musical and participate as an audience member.  Let the story wash over you, even if you’ve seen it one hundred times before.  Connect with it and allow your faith in humanity to be restored.

Be intentional with the moments you are granted this week and every week thereafter.  Bring your heart through the arts and watch yourself transform.  It is an amazing grace.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!