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As we quickly approach the Christmas holiday (are you done with all of your gift purchases and wrapping yet??), we wanted to take a moment this week to celebrate the Arts for Arts sake.  Our focus on this website is to provide you with resources in professional development for integrated and innovative teaching.  But all of us are professional artists as well.  We work hard to hone our craft and we each believe that Arts Integration wouldn’t be possible without a solid foundation and advocacy of the Arts in and of themselves.

This week, each of our writers will be sharing their art with you.  We’ve all created a piece of art and will be placing it in our weekly articles so that we can all celebrate the reason for our passion in the field of Arts Integration and STEAM.  We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our gifts to you this holiday week and that you and yours have a safe and happy time together!

silent performance

Artist: Susan Riley

Contributing Artwork: Silent Night (Solo Performance)

Artist’s Statement: Silent Night was the first carol I learned to sing on my own.  I vividly remember rehearsing it over and over to be able to sing each phrase without taking an inopportune breath and to hit each note without sliding into it.  Each time I thought I had it, I would run outside and across the farm to my mother’s office to sing it for her.  Each time, she would send me away with another critique to make it better until finally, she allowed me to record it on my cassette recorder.  Today, it is still one of my favorite Christmas carols and brings me a sense of calm each time I hear it.


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