Overview: Lesson using visual art to analyze and synthesize text.

Content Areas: Reading, Visual Art and Music

Grade Level: 9-11

Cognitive Level: Analyzing and Synthesis


Today, we’re sharing a lesson seed that expands upon the idea that you can use a piece of art or composition as a piece of text.  In particular, by using art as informational text, we give students the opportunity to access informational text in a meaningful way that can act as an avenue into further exploration of this type of reading.  As stated in our previous coaching call, this can be a powerful medium to give students the tools they need to unpack a piece of informational text.

This latest lesson seed uses the “Migrant Mother” photograph from Dorothea Lange as well as the Top 100 songs of 1936 as text to learn about the critical details of the Great Depression.  When bundled with an article from Dorothea Lange as an eyewitness account, students are working with informational text at a variety of levels.  We hope you enjoy this free lesson seed!