As we wind down towards the holiday break, many are starting to send me emails asking for lists or ideas for what to get their favorite Arts educator as a gift for all of their hard work.  It could be parents asking about what to get their child’s art or music teacher, or even friends who know an artist and want to get them something they’ll really like.  Sometimes, it really is more challenging to buy for the creative people in our lives!

To help everyone out, we’ve developed our top 25 favorite holiday gifts for arts educators pinterest board.  Hopefully, this will serve as a bit of inspiration to get you started.  We’ve picked these gifts to be budget-conscious as well as useful with a sprinkling of trendy in there too, just for fun.

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Here’s our faves from the list:

1. Amazon gift card.  You can get them in any denomination and they can be used for practically anything – from apps to clothes to supplies, these make a wonderful gift.  And don’t let “gift card” steer you away.  Plenty of us teachers would prefer a gift card any day of the week.

2. The Sewing Kit.  I can’t tell you how many times I snagged a sweater or lost a button working with my students.  You can’t help it when you’re moving around so frequently!  A little sewing kit like this one that I could put in my desk was a lifesaver.

3. The Dipped Glasses.  How cute is this idea?  You could use any kind of glass you wish and dip them in chalkboard paint for instantly personalized gifts.  Plus, when your recipient uses them at their next party, it makes for the perfect way to keep your glass handy.


See?  Practical yet with a trendy twist.  Tell us readers – do you receive gifts from your students?  What have been some of the favorite gifts you’ve received?  Let’s keep adding to this list for more great ideas!