Coaching Call, Using Prepare, Present and Practice, Education Closet

One of the things many districts ask me to do when I work with them is a coaching session for their teachers.  I love this part of my work because I get to be in the room with the teachers as they are presenting the lesson to their students and can jump in and model, or provide reassurance whenever the teacher might need it.  It’s like having a personal trainer as you work through the process of integration!  Today, I’m going to share with you a virtual coaching call using the pedagogy of Prepare, Present and Practice.  While it’s not just like a person being there to guide you through the strategy, it does give you some quick tips on how to implement this strategy easily into your own practice.

Prepare, Present and Practice is part of the pedagogy used in the Kodaly method for music education.  Often, music can be a struggle for teachers to feel comfortable integrating, but I find that if you break down the methods that are used for music education, teachers are much more willing to give it a try.

Prepare, Present and Practice is a sort of philosophy for how to move through a lesson.  In this Coaching Call, you’ll find out how to use this strategy not only to help you in implementation of an integrated lesson, but also for how to plan your lesson and assessments effectively.

Have a question about this technique?  Write us a comment below and let’s really get into some coaching!