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Today’s educator showcase features visual arts instructional coach Pammy Pry from the Lafayette Parish School System in Louisiana. Pammy has been taking two of our online courses this fall and as part of her final projects has created a set of curriculum maps.  We’re sharing a sample of one of her maps today to spotlight the incredible potential that using these maps can have on your planning efforts for Arts Integration and Common Core State Standards.  Take a look:

Literacy Arts Integration Map, Education Closet

You’ll notice in Pammy’s example that not only did she reference the standards of both the Common Core and the Fine Arts, but she also placed images of books that could be used in either classroom to support those standards.  This makes so much sense for planning and we love the visual connection!

Also worth noting here is true integration in her lesson seed.  It would be very easy to translate this seed into a full blown lesson plan at 30 minutes or less during a teacher’s planning time.  Most of the work has been carved out and could be extended into multiple lessons.

Finally, the assessment ideas included in this map showcase both formative and summative methods to gauge understanding and to assess both the ELA standards and the fine arts standards equitably.  Take a look, also, at the accompanying rubric which could be used for both the content and the arts standard.

Literacy Arts Integration Map, Education Closet

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We’d like to thank Pammy for sharing her valuable work with us and for making it available to you as a resource in your own planning.  Interested in creating a set of maps like this to make planning easier for you this year? Consider registering for our next Common Core through the Arts class which begins on January 1st.


Do you have any idea or resource you’d like us to spotlight?  Contact us with your name, email and summary of your work and we’ll review it for next month’s Educator Showcase!