Over the years, I have come to believe that assessment in the arts is a four-letter word: VERB.  Assessing our students can and should be an intentional action which informs our next steps for instruction.  No more and no less.  Yet somehow, the word assessment strikes fear in the hearts of even our best teachers.  Often times, educators are fearful of jumping into true Arts Integration because it means they will need to assess a fine arts standard.  We’re committed to changing that!

Assessment Practices for Arts Integration, Education Closet

Take a break from all of the holiday shopping and wrapping and join us for our next Master Class in December. We will focus entirely on assessments for makers.  We’ll provide you with practical strategies for assessing both Arts Integration lessons and fine arts lessons that hold true to the integrity of the standards and meet the rigor required from Common Core.  You’ll leave this 45 minute session with a variety of assessment tools and ideas that you can confidently begin to use in your own lessons.  You don’t want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity to make a scary topic into a true gift for your teaching craft.

Our Master Class series has been a huge success this fall and we’re excited to continue this trend with this critical-need topic.  Just as with all of our master class sessions, you’ll have access to the entire presentation for a reasonable investment of just $15, if you feel the materials would be of value to you and your classroom.  This month’s resource will include:

* assessment planning matrixes

* templates and rubrics as well as the

* strategies for when and where to implement them effectively.

Not only will you discover what to assess, but you’ll become clear on how to assess these lessons effectively as well.

Registering for the Master Class is easy!  Just fill out the brief form below to let us know you plan on attending.  We’ll send you an email approximately 5 days before the event providing you with a link for attendance.  We hold all Master Classes through Google Events and Hangouts, making it simple for anyone to attend from anywhere in the world and to participate virtually with the presenter via the online chat functionality.  You’ll be able to ask questions, present your own situations and receive direct feedback and ideas from the presenter on the topic.  As always, this Master Class is FREE to attend and participate in with colleagues from across the globe.

So put down the scotch tape and ribbons and give yourself the gift of 45 minutes for your own professional growth.  It’s time to take some action and embrace the verb of assessment!