Have you ever wished that you could see what part of the brain is being activated when a child has a lightbulb moment?  You see the look on their face, they get excited about your content and they just start getting their hands dirty with exploring the information.  Or maybe you’d like to see what part of the brain SHOULD be activated but is not, so that you can take out another strategy from your bag of tricks.

We now have an opportunity to explore the brain like never before!  OpenColleges sent me this amazing interactive strategies infographic all about the brain.  But unlike it’s infographic predecessors, this one allows you to manipulate and play with the brain itself.  You can turn it around, click on each section, and see what makes that part work and what strategies you can use to activate it when working with others.  Here…give it a try:

This is Your Brain on Interactive Strategies, Education Closet

An interactive infographic by Open Colleges

Can you believe it?  When I first saw this I was completely overwhelmed by the possibilities this holds for both me as an educator and for my students.  You could do a number of things with this:

* Use it as a resource/diagnostic tool for yourself as an educator.

* Have students use it to better understand the functions of the brain.

* Connect where content areas could intersect in the brain using the information in this infographic.

* Design a lesson that uses this infographic for support and interactive learning.

We’ll be posting a lesson seed  this week for using this infographic in your classroom so that you have both the infographic tool and a way to use it right at your fingertips.  In the meantime, go ahead and play with the brain.  I dare you to see what it looks like inside!