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It has been a true joy to be teaching some wonderful adult students this fall in several of our online classes.  It’s even better when I get to share with you some of the incredible work they have been working on to become better practitioners.  Since we’ve been focused on standards, outcomes, and alignments for integrated lessons this week, I am proud to showcase an example of what this looks like in action.  Today, we’re highlighting some alignment templates to help you with integrating to the standard.

Andrea Guillaume contributed these templates as part of an ELA lesson she created in our Common Core through the Arts online class.  These are just the first part of her full lesson plan, but they exemplify what aligning to the standards is all about: choosing naturally aligned standards, outlining activities that continually point back to the standards and choosing authentic assessments which measure all of the standards chosen.  Take a look at her outstanding example:

Alignment Templates, Education Closet

Alignment Templates, Education Closet


Alignment Templates, Education Closet

What I love about these examples is how Andrea makes the alignments crystal clear.  She not only aligns the standards based upon what is naturally complimentary and integrated, but also organizes the standards and assessments so that you can physically SEE the alignment.

This is only one example of what I get to see, grade and provide feedback on each week.  We have the most fantastic students in our ECU classes and they work thoughtfully and reflectively to create their own mastery of learning.  Thank you, Andrea, for agreeing to share your work with the world.  It’s an amazing way to kick off any arts integrated curriculum!


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