Tonight marks a hallmark moment for EducationCloset: our very first Master Class event!  Please join us LIVE at 7PM EST for our 45 minute SLO Master Class for Arts Educators.  Even if you haven’t yet registered, you can still participate in the event by viewing it live right here and asking any questions you may have in the chat box.  We’ll answer them during the Q&A segment of the presentation. This is the first time we’ve held an event like this and are so excited about the possibilities of sharing with you the latest updates on Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), how other states are preparing and utilizing these with arts educators, and the potential for their use in critical data discussions.

If you can’t attend the event live tonight, it will be recorded and posted here within 24 hours of the event, as well as on our Master Class page, so you can still get all of the substance of the session.  The only part that will be missing is the immediate feedback and answers to your questions, but you can feel free to post those to this comment area and we’ll address them quickly.  We think this is an incredible way to offer you some valuable professional development in real-time, while still honoring the fact that you have other events going on in your life.

Additionally, our SLOs for Arts Educators Resource Guide is also available for download at only $15.  This guide contains all of the information from tonight’s master class, including templates to help you write your SLO Targets (what you’ll be evaluated on), information about how to use portfolios effectively as an SLO, and a step-by-step facilitation of how to write a quality SLO that both measures student growth and provides for rich professional growth.  Remember: you can participate in the Master Class for FREE, but if you find the information valuable, this resource guide is available for purchase to help you after the class is over.

Download Your Copy!

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Why SLOs?

Why are we offering this topic as our first Master Class?  Quite honestly, we’ve seen what is being put out there claiming to be professional development for arts educators on Student Learning Objectives and have been appalled.  Much of what is being shared is about how to write a standard objective for a lesson or curriculum unit and not the complex process of what states and districts are now asking all educators to do.  This is dangerous and we do not want you to be misinformed.  Your career and professional practice is too priceless to risk by writing these items incorrectly.

How to Attend

Please join us for this evening’s event – there is no limit to the amount of people who can attend.  We want to assist all fine arts educators in writing and implementing Student Learning Objectives with as much integrity as possible.  To participate, simply login (or create) your Google account and then click this link: to attend the event live.  We look forward to seeing you tonight!