Overview: A high school lesson focusing on teaching Epic Poetry through Rap and Jazz improvisation.

We have a new high school lesson for you to download. It focuses on teaching Epic Poetry through Rap and Jazz improvisation.  Often, epic poems can be difficult for high school students to connect to on a personal level.



Additionally, it’s even harder for them to decipher such difficult level of text.  Teaching the idea of epic poetry as an act of speaking and listening about a topic that is of significant cultural or heroic importance through improvisation in music causes students to work through the text itself. Thus, leading them to build an understanding of this oral and written tradition.

We have had many requests for more ideas, resources and materials using Arts Integration as a strategy for teaching middle and high school level students.  We hope this lesson seed is one tool that you’ll find useful in beginning to use the arts actively with these age groups in all classrooms.

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