Have you ever heard your administrator asking you what Common Core Standards you’re covering in your lessons Or if you’re an administrator, do you struggle with how to make the Common Core Standards more accessible to your teachers?  We thought so.  That’s why we’ve added an exciting new feature to our lesson page: the Common Core toolbar.  This tiny tool helps you to search the Standards in grade K-5 in either reading or math, unpack the standards and even provides a sample practice question to give you an example of how this standard could be used.  This packs a powerful punch in such a small space.

We see incredible potential for this resource in planning, curriculum mapping, and in gaining a better understanding of what the Standards mean and how they can connect across content areas.  Now, in addition to providing you with excellent Arts Integration lesson plans, we can now offer you a tool that can help you understand the valuable connections across standards that exist.  Today, we’re providing you with a Quick Tip 4-minute video to demonstrate how this new function works in conjunction with our populated lesson seed list.

We hope you’ll find this helpful!

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