As we bring Spring Cleaning week to a close, we’re providing another great resource for our Free Friday deliverable.  Today, you’re receiving the Organization Spring Cleaning Checklist.  There are 20 boxes on this form (perfect for a month in the classroom) and in each box is a task that will take you only 15 minutes to do.  At 15 minutes each day for 1 month, you’ll have your whole classroom organized, files cleaned up, lessons refreshed, sub plans created, and materials collected and ordered.  It’s just like a fresh new start for the spring!  Additionally, at the bottom of the checklist is a space that you can write notes for yourself on other items that you may like to purchase or ideas you’d like to try for organizing your classroom throughout the rest of the school year.



Download Your Organization Checklist Here

Hopefully, this organization resource will help you to feel less overwhelmed and more empowered to take charge of your classroom and be the most organized teacher on the block.  Do you have any organization tips that work well for you?  Let’s get a list of tools and tricks going for anyone who is looking to spruce up their classroom and feel more in control of their own time.  Together, we can dust off our workload and make the rest of our school year more manageable.  Happy Friday!