I am in love with this piece by our featured guest author, Jenna Smith.  She is so right about turning off the technology sometimes and letting our kids engage in active creativity.  What a refreshing perspective! As teachers, all of us should strive to encourage creativity among our students.

In an age full of technology, parents often find themselves disconnected from their kids while their kids stay constantly connected to something else. Many give up the battle and allow their kids to be raised by the newest piece of technology. Unfortunately, more often than not, this turns children into mindless drones with no desire for culture or talent. Staying constantly connected isn’t good for anyone, especially kids. Kids should be encouraged to follow after creativity and develop talents that will last a lifetime.

When you live in LA, it seems that there is something to do everywhere you go. All the activities aren’t appropriate for children, but parents can find tons of activities to evoke creativity and talent. Cultivating a child’s mind at a young age is crucial for the developmental process. Music is a great way to engage you kid in something more than sitting in front of the television. You will find many places to take music lessons in LA for every kind of instrument you can imagine. Music gives your kid something that he can enjoy for years to come, and it costs less than the latest gadget.

If you child isn’t the musical type, consider look into a local sports team. Sports teach kids about self-discipline, teamwork and dedication. These lessons will go with him as he make his way throughout life. Learning these lessons in formable years will strengthen his ability to succeed in school and the workplace. In addition to important life lessons, you kid will also get some much-needed exercise. Instead of spending hours in front of television, getting him interested and passionate about sports will give him a reason to spend hours outside practicing for the next big game.

Maybe your child doesn’t need a huge commitment that is require from music lessons or a sports team. In this case, find something that he already loves and encourage him to pursue it. Maybe he loves doodling whenever he gets the chance. Buy him a new sketch pad and some supplies. Show him that you support his talent, whatever that may be. What seems like useless doodles now can make him the best graphic designer of his generation.

Getting unplugged and encouraging creativity will help your child learn about his passions. As he gets older he will appreciate that you took time to encourage him in everything he wanted to try. You may have to support several different passions over the next few year. The important thing is that he feels your support of all his great ideas.