Another great post by our featured guest author Jenna Smith!

The Internet has become an open playground for people who want to learn just about anything – and musical instruments are no exception. With the rise of YouTube, it’s become easy and fun to learn any instrument you want to by watching video tutorials.

While there are many complex tutorials by music professionals on YouTube, you’ll find that there are many basic ones too that are designed to teach you how to play simple musical instruments. These are great for families or youngsters who want to try their hand at learning different types of instruments – without putting in much time or effort.

In the following article some popular and easy instruments that you can learn by watching YouTube videos:

1. Xylophone – The xylophone is popular among kids because it’s so easy to learn. In order to produce a note, all you need to do is strike the bars of the xylophone (which have layout similar to the piano) with mallets. There are many YouTube videos that show you how to get creative with this fun musical instrument.

2. Bongo – If you like going crazy with drums, then bongo is for you. It’s simple to learn because all it involves are two drums joined together. You just need to place it between your legs to get started with the drumming. However, if you truly want to become good with it and impress your friends then YouTube video tutorials that show you how to become a ‘bongo pro’.

3. Ukulele – Since the ukulele has got only four strings and small stature, it’s not that difficult to play. Want to make the learning easier? You can go for fewer strings which equals to fewer fingerings. If you are someone who loves to watch and learn, you can easily jump onto YouTube, go through some tutorial videos, and play a song in the first few hours! What’s more, finding out where to buy a ukulele is also not difficult if you know where you’re looking.

4. Flute – The flute is not only easy to learn but also easy to transport. It’s also not hard on your wallet. The instrument, which comes under the woodwind family is suitable for adults and children alike. The best thing about a flute is that it gives the flutist a serene, calming experience just like the listeners. By going through tutorial videos on YouTube, you’ll see how you too can become good at playing flute, with just a little practice.