Today’s Saturday Post comes courtesy of our featured guest author, Jenna Smith.

In today’s shaky economy, students want to know the investment in their college education pays off in the future. Because of this, students are turning to careers that have a good prospective for future growth. While many companies struggle to get by, other fields are blooming despite the apparent economic downturn. Students may not get to work their dream job, but the job market still hold a variety of positions available for qualified applicants.

The key to making a decision about a career lies in understanding the present state of the market and where it will go within the next few years. Students will find several up and coming degrees that will provide them with lucrative careers after graduation. Let’s take a look at popular degree programs for students.

Digital Technology Continues To Be Strong

With society turning more and more into a digital age, much of traditional marketing is not having the same affect it use to have on the masses. Because of this, marketers have to be more bold and innovative than ever. A degree in Internet Marketing is the new Marketing and Communications degree. It focuses on how marketing takes place today, and where it is going within the next few years. Experienced Internet Marketers are making a six-figure income. Many work freelance, some work at agencies and others own the agency. There are several specialties within the field that opens up even more opportunities for graduates.


Those that are left-brained and have an interest in the growth of technology in our society should look into a degree in Computer Information Systems (abbreviated CIS). A CIS degree resembles an Information Technology (IT) degree, but has a broader scope. With this larger range of knowledge, graduates are qualified for more opportunities within the technology field. With room to choose and grow, a specialized degree in Computer Information Systems will give a graduate plenty of career opportunities.


For those that appreciate a more hands on approach to their career, job opportunities continue to become available within the health care field. Unfortunately, people will continue to get sick and diseased for years to come. There are some things that technology simply cannot automate. Nurses are in high demand and will continue to be needed for years to come. Once the degree to become a registered nurse is completed, students may find tons of opportunities available within the nursing field. With an aging population, there has never been such a high demand for health care graduates in the United States.

While everything seems to be changing as years pass in this shifting economy, some things still remain in high demand. Technology may have changed the way companies do business, but it has not changed the fact that they must, indeed, do business. Students need to find a degree that businesses, companies and organizations can use for generations to come. Today’s students will define the process of business for years to come. The country needs qualified professionals willing to make these next generations the best this country has ever seen.