The Pocket Guide to Integration

Do you ever wish you had a pocket-sized sheet that had the essentials of successful integration right there whenever you were in the middle of a planning session?  Not some bulky curriculum guide, chart or notebook of ideas for how to authentically integrate across content areas, but a handy one-page card with all of the ingredients right there?  Well today we are offering you up our solution!  The Pocket Guide to Integration is here and is yours to grab for today’s Free Friday!

This simple guide provides you with the basic outline for working through integrated planning and will help to keep you on track as you collaborate with other teachers.  It even provides little quick tips at the bottom for how to maximize that precious planning time and utilize the tools you have at your disposal to the fullest.  You can just click on the image below, right click and save-as to your computer.  Once you’ve done that, I’d recommend printing it out on a piece of cardstock and either 3-hole punching it into your planner, or cutting it out for easy reference.  What we’ve found works really well around here is to cut it out on cardstock and then laminate it.  That way, you can make notes to yourself as you go with a dry-erase marker and then just wipe it off for the next time you plan together.

Enjoy this handy guide and let us know how it works for you.  Happy Friday!

The Pocket Guide to Integration, Education Closet