Creating A Community Plan

For today’s Free Friday, I’m sending you a small, but critical piece from my book “A Vocal AdVocate” about gaining community support for the Arts in your school.  We all know money is tight and often, this means we look at the arts as extra in school budgets.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  If we are a little pro-active and work to intentionally engage our communities within our Arts programs, they become an essential part of the community fabric.

In order to best utilize your whole school community (including parents, businesses, arts partnerships and teachers/administrators), you’ll need a plan of action.  Here’s a sample of what I recommend in the book to help you start:

Creating a Community Plan, Education Closet

You’ll find there are areas for each population within your school community. And, the plan of action you take looks different within each separate population.  You can’t have a blanket plan to cover all areas because not everyone has the same needs.  Think about very specific, measurable items that you can do to help raise awareness and invite participation within your program.  Then, go and put the word out through Twitter, Facebook, or the good old-fashioned school newsletter that you’re looking for some of these connections.  You’ll be surprised by just how many people volunteer for this kind of community within arts classes.  It’s a wonderful way to cement your program as one of the foundational elements of the success of your school!

For a blank chart sample, just click the PDF link below.  Want even more helpful content like this?  Join us over at the Connectivity Community for exclusive content, classes, community dialogue and more.  Happy Friday!

Arts Advocacy Community Plan Chart