Our featured guest blogger, Jenna Smith, is back with some great tips for using technology effectively as a search tool for your school needs.

A new age of education has begun to emerge as technological advances have made it easier for students and teachers to research new information, communicate and find others who share their same interests.

This is especially true for prospective students who can now use online resources to increase their options for finding the right school and courses that will enable them to learn the skills that they need for success in their chosen field.

Additionally, students who would like to learn a new trade such as photography can now use technology to get a visual representation of the courses that are offered in their area of interest.

School Websites 

Searching for a new school has become much easier as the majority of schools now have websites that detail their courses and degree programs. Prospective students can now do a simple search and find hundreds of programs that are available.

An advantage of this is that students can now explore schools that were once out of their range due to location. School websites contain a treasury of information regarding the school’s demographics, tuition and course offerings.

Take a Virtual Tour 

In addition to their websites, many schools offer a virtual tour of their campus and housing facilities by using videos and panoramic views. For prospective students that are interested in taking a creative course such as photography, this can be especially beneficial. Many creative arts facilities such as photography schools offer virtual tours of their studios and galleries.

Additionally, they often include libraries containing images of samples of work that has been completed by students and staff that prospective students can browse. By viewing these samples, students interested in learning a new trade can begin to understand the skills that a creative arts program values in their educational plan.

Meet Alumni and Staff 

In order to see the overall impact of a school on its community, prospective students can use social media websites and applications to meet current and former students as well as staff. Many schools are linked to major social media websites that allow prospective students to connect with others before ever setting foot on campus.

By asking others questions about their experiences with a particular school, a prospective student can learn information that can help them to be certain that they are selecting a school that will meet their academic and creative preferences.

When prospective students utilize new technology to enhance their search for the right school, they are able to gain an insider’s view of the educational environment of a particular facility.

By visiting websites, browsing through work samples and talking to other people, a person who is interested in developing their skills in a new trade or hobby can apply for their courses with the assurance that they have made a qualified decision.