Back-to-School is right around the corner.

Can’t you just feel it?  That joyous feeling of parents gleefully grabbing school supplies, knowing that their children are just days away from being back in school full time.  And the rash of teachers and administrators everywhere who are scurrying to get everything ready for those perky students when they finally arrive.  What I’m finding really great about THIS year though, is the rise in Pinterest and how it’s playing a major role in getting teachers ready for back-to-school with creativity and efficiency.

Here’s what I’m discovering about Pinterest as a tool for educators: it embraces and promotes creativity, inspiration, and integration by its very nature.  Educators can leverage the power of social networking to find ideas for their classroom, strategies that work, organization ideas, classroom management tools – you name it.  Never before have educators had such freedom to access ideas from other teachers in their field and beyond and to integrate these ideas into their own teaching practices.

The possibilities are truly endless.  And what’s fascinating to me is the rapid growth of Pinterest as a tool that educators just can’t do without.  At a loss for a cool idea for introducing a topic?  Jump onto Pinterest, type it in the search bar and have hundreds of ideas appear at your fingertips!  As a tool for teachers, this is fantastic.  As a way to organize ideas, thinking and encourage creativity in problem-solving for students…well, that’s a whole other post!  In the meantime…

We here at EducationCloset have gone ahead and created a set of boards just for teachers to get you ready for back-to-school. These are all clickable, by the way, and will lead you directly to our board. Here’s the roundup:

Arts (Integration) Cart

Every Arts Integration school should have a central spot or cart that is designated just for Arts Integration lesson supplies.  It’s not fair to take instruments from the music teacher or paper from the art teacher every time you’re getting ready to try an Arts Integration lesson.  So, invest some funds into a centralized “Art Cart” or AI Hub for these materials.  Don’t know what to stock up on?  Try our Art (Integration) Cart Board right here:

Arts Integration Pinterest board, Education Closet


Common Core and AI Board

Looking for some great AI lessons and ideas for ways that the Arts tie into Common Core and how they can be assessed?  Look no further!  Our Common Core and AI Board gives you a lot of great jumpstarters:



Planning Board

Speaking of those terrific Arts Integration lessons, have you thought about your approach to lesson planning lately?  If you’re not quite happy with your planning templates/organization/collaboration, check out these cool ideas for mapping out your lessons:



Organization Board

Everyone’s always looking for tips on how to organize their classroom for maximum effectiveness.  This board will get you started on the path to making your classroom an organized dream (at least for the first week)!



Bulletin Boards Board

Do you ever feel like you run out of fresh ideas for your bulletin boards?  How about making them interactive this year, rather than a static piece of “art”?  Check out how right here:



Supplies Board

Of course, no classroom would be complete without supplies to keep it running smoothly.  This board will keep you covered as you start off your year on the right foot.



All in all, these boards should get you moving in the right direction for the beginning of the school year.  Armed with these sources, you should have smooth sailing as you begin yet another yearly journey with a whole new group of students.  Enjoy these last few weeks and that feeling of being “ready” for whatever may get tossed your way!

How do you use Pinterest as an educator?  Any boards you think we should know about?  Share them below!