In today’s economy, when presented with an opportunity, we all want to grab it and win.

Yet, so often people are struggling to get to that next step.  Why is that?  My assertion is that we are not utilizing “soft skills” as effectively as we could be. Thus, not taking that opportunity to its full advantage.  Whether simply looking for a job or presented with an opportunity to shine in front of your principal, to secure your goal, you must use these soft skills. Over the past few years, I have noticed a huge decline in the way people approach these chances.

I constantly run into people who are trying to bully their way to getting what they want.  And as someone who has interviewed for 3 jobs in 3 years and gotten all three, I can tell you without question, being pushy is NOT the approach you use.  It would surprise you at how far “please and “thank you” will go.  Just like your momma told you!  This video goes through my tried and true techniques for building your soft skills to take you from opportunity to success!