As we saw in this week’s PYP connections resource, there ways the arts can connect through the principles of PYP.  Today’s post provides you with a great source of online references. In addition to, materials to help you learn about PYP, extending this program into your classroom!

Learn the Basics

These resources give you more in-depth knowledge of what PYP is. In addition to, the components of the program, and ways to begin using in your classroom.

Oxford’s Resources for PYP – This site, maintained by publisher Oxford University Press, provides print and online resources for understanding the basics of PYP.

All About IB – The official IB site with the latest information and research on PYP, MYP and IB in schools.

Inquiry Schools – This site gives you a rundown of what and how to implement inquiry-based learning strategies, including embedding Universal Design for Learning.

Curriculum Framework – This gives you the basics in terms of curriculum design using your own district’s curriculum to help embed PYP principles.

Online Teaching Resources

These resources center around actual sites, activities, lessons, and important elements of connecting PYP across contents.

WIS Curriculum Nook – I love this site because it provides you with a literal bevy of information to get you started successfully right from the beginning.  Included are Learner Profile information, Assessment rubrics, targeted book selections for each profile, and interactive games for students.

PYP Library – This site is maintained by the IB Organization and evolves constantly, adding books to their lists all the time for grade-specific, learner profiles.

Resourcing the PYP – Another site with a wealth of resources, blogs, and imaginative activities to use with PYP.

PYP Exhibition Resources – This blog provides a link to many free Web 2.0 tools that can be connected with a PYP focus.

Community Connections 

These sites are online communities sharing their updates resources, information, and practical ideas for using PYP.

PYP Exhibition – This site shares exhibitions from nearly 200 PYP classrooms around the world.

Flat Classrooms – A place to learn from other global classrooms through interactive community conversations.

PYP Threads – A ning community for all areas of PYP, including questions, resources, and assessments.

PYP Chat – This is the archived site of the #pypchat that happens on Twitter.  Focused on one area during each conversation, this is a great way to explore segments of PYP moving forward.