As many of you know, we are hosting the very first Virtual Arts Integration Conference here on Tuesday, July 31st.  It’s an exciting time for all of us here at EducationCloset because this conference will bring together nationally-respected Arts Integration professionals and global participants and advocates for the Arts in Education all online!  Plus, the community will be available indefinitely after the conference, so the learning and sharing can continue.

Today, we wanted to answer that big question of why. Many people may be wondering why it’s worth it to attend this conference. After all, we’ve all sat in on those conferences where it was a waste of precious time and money.  That is one of my huge pet peeves: if I am going to take time away from my family, work, business and life, what I’m doing better be totally worth it.  So today, we’re sharing a video that helps to answer that Why Question.  Please join us for the conference by registering here and well after as we continue to build a critically valuable community of Arts advocates!