Today’s Free Friday features another infographic.

The Network Nation Infographic helps us all to see the impact that networking and social networks have in today’s global economy.  Often, when I say “networks”, people automatically assume I’m speaking only in the social media sense, but in actuality, I’m looking at the more universal meaning of networks.  In essence, anyone that you know is a part of your network.  This is important because networks are how people are finding work, doing work, and engaging with the world at large.

Unfortunately, we don’t do enough in schools to encourage or explore this vital part of 21st century living.  We focus on skills and semantics, and not on relationships and connections.  We fail to teach our students and our teachers how to synthesize information and make meaning from it.  We must learn to become “networked schools” – institutions that use and embrace ALL of the networks they belong to.  This means connecting with parents, businesses, students, teachers, and community organizations in as many forms as possible.  We need to stop being afraid of social media in schools and teach our students and educators how to make use of it wisely to extend what is possible in the confines of a classroom.  I hope this infographic today provides you with the inspiration you need to begin to embrace these exciti

ng possibilities!  And if you are looking to make a connection this summer, don’t forget to register for the Connectivity Virtual Conference on July 31st.  Happy Friday!

Network Nation Infographic, Education Closet

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