For today’s Free Friday, I’m giving you one of my new favorite things – a creativity infographic poster!  As I mentioned last week, I am so excited by the possibilities of infographics as an educational tool.  First off, they convey a TON of information in a small amount space that is easily coherent.  Secondly, it’s a visual representation of that information, making it much easier for students (and teachers) to digest and process.  Finally, and most importantly, these infographics provide such potential for our students to synthesize their own learning and research.  It’s one thing for our students to learn how to research.  It’s something completely different for them to have to make meaning of the research they’ve done.  This tool gives students the opportunity to not only synthesize their knowledge, but to do so artistically with attention to the elements of design.

To help you with incorporating and using infographics in your own classroom, there will be a new tab on the website labeled “visuals”.  Here, you’ll find all of our infographics (many more are on the way), as well as other visuals and posters that have and will be developed.  This is just another tool for you to use as you create a more engaging and relevant classroom.  Happy Friday!

Psst!!!  Stay tuned for a HUGE announcement coming on Tuesday…..

Creativity Infographic, Education Closet

Download your copy of the Creativity Infographic here!