Alright – I’ll admit it.

I have become obsessed with infographics lately.  And to tell you the truth, I don’t know why I haven’t used them more both here and in my teaching/presenting life.  Because infographics provide a visual representation of synthesized data.  It’s a PERFECT way to integrate the Arts into what can be a very dry and hard to understand arena.  When I stumbled across the one I’m sharing today, I engaged with it for a good 30 minutes just figuring out the parallels to what I’m trying to communicate to teachers for the rest of the spring.  If that’s not a great way to share and work through information, I don’t know what is!

So I’ve decided to begin a collection and development of Infographics here on  I’ll be sharing infographics I find that have been useful to me, as well as ones that I create, to help provide a way for us all to better understand the complexity of various educational topics in the 21st century.  There will be a link in the resources tab up on the top that will say “Infographics” and there, you’ll be able to download all of the ones I share.  And if you’re interested in creating your own infographics, check out which allows you to browse hundreds of ready-made infographics and provide you with several templates to create your own.  Great inspiration over there!

For today’s free Friday, I’m going to share with you the Innovation Mind Map Infographic that I found from Paul Foreman.  I think it does a wonderful job reminding us of what Innovation can look, sound, taste and feel like in the 21st century.  I hope you’ll download it and find it as useful as I have!