Overview: This arts integration lesson helps students to extend and enhance main ideas and details through visual art.

Main ideas and details are a difficult concept for a lot of students in grades 3-5 and this lesson really helps to solidify the distinction.



Step 1: Give each student an index card with one red dot on it.

Step 2: Tell students to look at the card and think about some way that the red dot could be a part of a story.

Step 3: Explain to students that they will create an illustration on their card and the red dot must be part of the main idea of the story. The red dot must be incorporated into the illustration in some way. There must also be supporting details to draw the viewer’s attention to the red dot as the main idea.

Step 4: Allow students time to draw their illustration.

Step 5: Once all students have completed their illustrations, explain that they will now write a story about the illustration that they drew. The story must include a main idea and at least 3 details to support the main idea and should be at least 1 full page in length.

Step 6: Have students share their stories and illustrations with the rest of the class


Be sure to download the lesson for the full assessment and printable plan!