As I told you several weeks ago, I had the great experience of attending the National Art Educators Conference back at the beginning of March.  Being a music person by training, I had never gone to one of these before and boy do I feel like I’ve been missing out!  There were a TON of ideas to use in an Arts Integrated classroom, and the freebies from the vendors were amazing!  I think I could probably stock up on a whole year’s worth of supplies if I had only spent more time up on those two floors.

Anyway, what’s most important from any conference is the ability to bring back and implement ideas presented before.  With hundreds of sessions, there was no way my team could get to them all.  But, the ones we did go to were incredible and this whole week, I’ll be sharing with you some of the gems that we found from the 4-day convention.  Each day, you’ll get the idea starters right here on the page, and can download the PDF version below the image.  Enjoy these wonderful resources, and if you happened to attend NAEA as well and went to a different session, share out those ideas as well!

Today’s resource: Science and Visual Art lesson idea starters.

These aren’t full lesson plans, but have some great ideas to get you started with your own projects.  I find that science is one of the most difficult subjects for teachers to think about in terms of Arts Integration.  I hope these ideas get your wheels turning!

Science and Visual Art Lesson Idea Starters, Education Closet

Science and Art Idea Starter Download