For today’s free Friday, I’m going to give you a large list of my presentations and resources that you can download, access, borrow and use at your discretion.  Many of these use the techniques and strategies with PD that I was sharing with you this week.  Part of professional development is in gathering resources from as many places as you can and creating a library for you to turn to when you’re stuck or in need of inspiration.  So today, you are welcome to add any or all of mine to your own reference bank.  Or, if you’d like to just bookmark this page to come back to whenever you need, that’s fine too.

Happy Friday!

Creating Harmony through Common Core – Music Staff

Creativity’s Package– ESOL Teachers

Math Through the Arts: Differentiated Strategies for Arts Integration in the Math Classroom

Presentation to Math Department Chair’s 

Presentation to AI School Staff 

Thread the Needle: Creating an Equitable Environment for ALL Learners