Free Copy of Arts Advocacy Book, Education Closet



Today, I’m so pleased to be able to offer all of you a FREE copy of my new Advocacy book “A Vocal Advocate” through  This is a digital e-book download, so make sure that you have installed the free Kindle app on your tablet device if you don’t own a Kindle already.  We had such success last Friday in offering my Arts Integration book “Shake the Sketch” for free that I thought we’d do it for this one too.  In such critical times for the Arts, this is really an Advocacy book you need to own.  Please spread the word to your friends, colleagues and community members about this opportunity. It is only available for free download TODAY!

Want to know more about this Advocacy book?  Here’s the product description:

This workbook is designed for arts teachers looking for ways to support and advocate for their programs at a time when school budget cuts for the arts are at an alarmingly high rate.  This workbook will walk you through an easy-to-follow process that engages you with your community, students, fellow artists and teachers, and administrators to showcase what your program offers to the heart of education.

 This Advocacy book covers:

 * How to market your program and maintain the quality of your Art
* Using Social Media as an advocacy tool
* Why having a web presence is key to advocacy
* How to start and use a blog
* How to get the most out of a conference
* A guide to press releases
* Educate to Advocate: providing professional development 
* Creating an Arts Advocacy Plan
* Teaming with Teaching Artists
* Continuing to hone your own Craft

Ready to download your FREE copy?  Just click here!