Welcome to FREE Friday!

Today, I have two great FREE items for you as we celebrate the launch of our two new books that are on Amazon.com!  The first is a simple, easy way that you can make money from my books as an affiliate!  If you believe in the power of Arts Integration and Arts Advocacy and you believe that these two books would be a great value for someone to purchase, then YOU can make money as an Amazon Affiliate just by recommending my books to your friends and readers.

Here’s how you can begin making some extra income from these two books:

1.) Sign up for an Amazon Affiliates account right here.  Then, just sign into your account.

2.) Click on “build links” and then scroll down and click on Text Links for regular links that look like this: “Shake the Sketch”.

3.) Or, if you’d prefer to have a picture appear on your posts, click on product links for “shake the sketch”.

4.) Follow the instructions for text links or image links to produce the HTML code you’ll need to put in your book review post.

5.) Once you’ve gotten to Shake the Sketch book, simply copy and paste the HTML code into your own post or page.

6.) Write a quick review on your post along with your link and you’re done!

And, if you’d like to keep a button on your page at all times, grab the image below (copy and save).  Then, upload it as a media item and copy the link at the bottom.  Drag a text widget to the widget sidebar.  Then, paste the html code.  Look at the beginning of the code and find the  first “http://…….” and replace with the product link for Shake the Sketch from your Amazon Affiliates Account.  That’s it!  Now anytime anyone clicks that button and purchases the book, you’ll get a piece of that purchase in your account!

Or, if you’d just like to have a button on your site because you believe in the books that much, that would be welcome too!  :)

150 x 150 button







300 x 250 button 











And now for FREE gift number two!  The newest book, Shake the Sketch: An Arts Integration Workbook is able to be downloaded through Amazon TODAY for FREE!!  Don’t miss out on this one-day opportunity!  Click here to grab your FREE copy of this great book!