The second book that is being launched this week is “A Vocal Advocate: An Arts Advocacy Workbook” and it is perfect for any Arts teacher or Artist who is looking to advocate for their program and gain support to build and sustain the essential work that they do for students and the community.  I’ve also heard from others outside of the Arts field that the elements of this workbook transcend the Arts.  It can help anyone who is looking to advocate for their programs in the 21st century though social media, organization and networking in, through and beyond your sphere of influence.

I wrote this book because I find that Arts educators are doing lots of fantastic work and yet they are still struggling to build or keep student time in the schedule, can’t get their subject area on a report card, and are having their programs cut left and right.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  We can make ourselves essential elements to the school day and to student’s lives.  We can bring the microchasm of the content areas and bring them together through an organic, emotional connection.  Best of all, the work that we do can speak for itself with a little help from us.  This workbook outlines step-by-step easy things that every Arts educator can do that will solidify their Arts program within the community and culture of their schools.

Best of all, this book is extremely affordable.  Currently starting at only $4.99 for the digital edition or $19.95 for the print edition, you can purchase this with the confidence that you will get a lot of bang for your buck!  Take a look at some sample pages from the book.  If you like what you see, take the opportunity to purchase this workbook at this amazing price.  You won’t be sorry and your program (and students) will thank you!

Starting at only $4.99!


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