This Friday’s post is short and sweet.

Go. buy. Gamestorming.

See?  I told you!  🙂

In all seriousness, Gamestorming is a fantastic book by Sunni Brown that I have been using for professional development with teachers, administrators and artists for the last few months and I am in L-O-V-E with it!  I have so many pages tabbed, it’s beginning to look like a sticky-note porcupine.

This clever book describes how the simple act of doodling can help to engage our whole brain to work out problems, work through dialogue with colleagues and develop innovative, new ideas.  I have used the concepts myself and it’s amazing how much this actually works.  I am not even an artist, and yet the idea that you can’t really do anything wrong and it’s just a different way of visualizing large pieces of information and synthesizing them into something that makes sense is very appealing.  Not only that, but students who engage in doodling actually tend to focus better and have a greater understanding of difficult information than those who do not.

I have gotten more than a handful of my colleagues hooked on this book and it’s endless font of ideas for everything from note-taking to meeting flow.  If you’re looking for a wonderful book to add to your professional collection that you could put into practice tomorrow, this is it!  Grab your copy over at Amazon or at Sunni’s website – and enjoy the power of the game!