For today’s Free Friday segment, I’d like to share a website that has a wealth of links, programs and apps that are all FREE!  It is a wonderful website inspiring us to revamp some current materials into something more exciting.

UDL is short for Universal Design for Learning.

It is based on the architectural concept of Universal Design. Design something accessible to ALL people, rather than making accommodations later.  So educators took this concept and applied it to education.  Rather than teaching the way we’ve always taught and making accommodations for our learners who don’t fit into that profile, why not build our educational practices and materials so that they are designed for all learners?

Fortunately, UDL has a website that contains free programs and links that will allow you to turn your current materials into learning resources that work for all students.  For instance, their Book Builder tool enables educators to develop their own digital books to support reading instruction literacy learning.  They also have a lesson builder, a curriculum self-checker, and even an app. The app connects you to pre-designed lesson plans for any subject or grade level you can think of.  Did I mention this amazing online resource is FREE??

Check it out at:  Happy Friday!