Overview: This lesson helps struggling readers with decoding and fluency through movement.

When students have difficulty with reading, there could be many factors.  It might be that they can’t decode the actual words.  Or, it could be a fluency issue.  Or maybe, they can’t chunk the information to make a summary make sense in their mind.  Dancing helps with all of that.



When you dance, you are interpreting information (decoding) and you can’t stop in the middle of a move.  Your body is in motion and constantly is preparing for the next move while you’re still in motion with the current move (fluency).  In today’s reading lesson, we use dance to help with summarizing information into a beginning, middle and end story sequence (chunking).

You can use this at all levels, but it is most helpful for struggling readers, or new readers (grades 1-3).

As always, let us know what your thoughts are about the lesson – will you use it, what are you excited to try, how did you interpret this lesson in your own teaching?  I’m excited to hear your ideas!