For today’s FREE Friday, we’re going to be looking at the latest 2011 websites, resources and links to help you use Arts Integration effectively and efficiently.  There’s a TON of information here, so please spread the word and explore freely!  Enjoy!

Arts Integration Lesson Plans

Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge – My absolute FAVE when it comes to high-quality, high-impact Arts Integration lesson plans!

EducationCloset Arts Integration Lessons – Of course, we have some wonderful, kid-tested, teacher-approved lessons of our own.

The Getty Museum Lessons – Wonderful lessons using masterworks of art from the Getty Collection

Arts ConnectEd – Tools for using Art in the classroom

Metropolitan Museum of Art for Kids – Lesson plans using historical works of art from the Met

ArtsWork – Online lesson plan data base connecting each Arts area to the content classroom areas.

Arts Integration Tools

Artful Thinking – Using visual arts strategies in the classroom

The Doodle Revolution – Sunni Brown’s blog on using doodling to enable learning

Arts for Learning – Online database connecting the Arts to the classroom

Scholastic Strategies for Arts Integration – Strategies pulled from teacher experiences in Arts Integration

OMA Foundation – Dedicated to Arts Integration strategies and training

Websites to Use in the Classroom

Mr. Picassohead – Online tool for studying abstract art

Aviary Education – Powerful graphics, digital photos and music creation software that is web-based in the cloud.

NY Phil Kids – Online music games, puzzles and interactive listening tools

Google Art Project – Explore Art museums from around the world

Visual Thesaurus – FANTASTIC website that enables a spiraled view of vocabulary

Synchronous Objects – Taking Choreographic Dance to a WHOLE new level

EdHeads – Using Science and Technology to activate your mind

The Museum Box – Building your own museum box using artifacts you find on your path to discovery.

Read, Write Think – Differentiated strategies to teach reading using online tools.

Wordle – Create “word clouds” from a list you specify

Ask Nature – How would nature solve our current problems?  Create on contribute to a strategy page

Build Your Wild Self – Create new, animal habitats that can be used as a writing prompt

Preceden – Make visually stunning timelines for free

Go! Animate – Create your own animated videos for free

Storyjumper – Make your own storybooks online

VuVox – Create an online, digital collage

Open Heat Map – Visualize data in a whole new way

Explania – Animated explanations for just about anything

Soundation – Music mixing online for free

Arts Integration, Education and Advocacy Blogs

The Inspired Classroom

Technology: Figuring Out how the Pieces Fit

Think Like a Teacher

The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness

The Innovative Educator

Art Project Girl

Art Makes Kids Smart

Use Your Coloured Pencils