So today, I’m unveiling an exciting new approach to our online classes!

All 4 of our online classes will now be available as a 6-class download for just $49! 

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive:

* You can go through the material on your own time, without the stress of deadlines or needing to be online for a class chat.

* The assignments that are in the class can be done at your own pace.  And, if you’d like feedback on them, just send me an email and a link to the material and I’ll look them over at no extra charge.

* You will gain access to the Blackboard Coursesites Class Community, so if you have questions or want to chat with someone else who is taking the course, you still have the option to do so.

* Since I no longer have to set aside specific time for the class to facilitate, the price has been reduced.  You just can’t beat this amount of information for this price!

Why am I doing this?






Cost-effective Control.

Did I mention Flexibility?

This past summer, one of the biggest lessons I learned from running my online courses is that adult learners are VERY different from the little people that I’m used to teaching.  Sure, in some ways they are similar, but for the most part, adult learners have very specific needs.  And usually one of them is the need for flexibility – with their time, their money, and their professional development.

One of my biggest disappointments from the summer was the lackluster response to community building.  At first, I took it personally (was there something I wasn’t doing?), but then I realized that these were busy people and while they engaged in conversation when they wanted, they didn’t NEED that piece of the puzzle for an online class.  I admit – I missed it, but I can’t force people to chat or post or engage online.

However, all the feedback that I received was so tremendously positive in regards to the courses themselves.  People found them to be useful to their own professional growth and loved learning new tools to take with them throughout the year.

It’s my hope that more people can take advantage of these classes and that a strong, vibrant community can form on it’s own, driven by what YOU need in your own professional development.  I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about our new system!