You know what I love?

Idea starters!  Things that get your mind thinking and creating are so important to educators.  So for today’s Free Friday, you are receiving one of my favorite arts integration idea starters.  I usually pull this out when people get stuck on what arts integration is, how to use it, how to assess it or simply need some words for inspiration to get their lesson plans started.

Usually, it goes a little something like this:

1.) I give people this idea starter card and ask them what images or ideas come to mind just by looking at the words.  We jot down the ideas.

2.) Then, I have them look at the colors of the words, the sizes of the words, and the directions of the words and see if they come up with any connections between the words themselves.  We jot down these ideas.

3.) Finally, I have them think about ways they can use these connections in their teaching, their lesson plans, or their assessments.

Voila!  People walk away with tons of ideas for writing, implementing, or assessing their lesson plans.  Plus, they can post the card in an easy-to-access place that will continue to give them inspiration the whole year through.

I must say, this idea starter card is a combo of two of my favorite things: wordles and the Kennedy Center’s new definition for arts integration.  I just found the visual aspect of a wordle so much easier than the definition to allow people to make their own connections about arts integration. Hopefully, you find this as useful as I do!

Arts Integration Idea Starter