I often run into people who find assessing the arts the hardest thing to wrap their head around.  After all, art is highly subjective, right?  How do you “grade” something that is so subjective?  Actually, assessing the arts is just like assessing anything else.  You have a set of very clear criteria and you simply go down the list and check if the work met that criteria.  At one of the recent conferences I attended (the Maryland Artist/Teacher Institute), we were given a wonderful document that highlights a variety of ways you can assess both the content and the arts – perfect for arts integration!

I have modified it and made it into a one-page quick assessing the arts toolkit that you can print off and slip into your planning or grade book for easy access.  Thanks to Maria Barbosa for providing such a fantastic list of ideas!  I hope this document helps to make assessing any area a little bit easier!

Assessment Toolkit

And if you’re looking for more helpful templates, resources and ideas like these for assessment, check out our online class Assessment for Makers.  You can access it at any time and receive a certificate for professional development hours, all while developing assessments that make sense for your classroom!