This week, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite manipulatives, organizers, and materials for arts integration in the classroom, all at reasonable prices. As educators, we certainly don’t have a lot of money in our budgets or in our schools, so we need to be resourceful and spend what we do have wisely.  The products I’m sharing with you are proven to be well worth your hard earned dollar!  They engage and excite students and provide lots of room for creativity!

Today’s products are called “Boomwhackers“.

We have a set of these in our music classroom as well as in several classrooms throughout the school.  They’re essentially tubes cut at certain lengths to change their pitch.  They are lightweight so children cannot hurt each other when using them.  These tubes can be used to teach high and low, big and small, distance, measurement, literature and much more.

The other reason I love these is because they are quite easy for all children, regardless of age or ability, to use. They are color-coded and labeled so that children can make the connection of octaves and the relationship of one tube to the whole set.

Here are a few ways that I have used Boomwackers effectively in a variety of classes:

* As a way to add music to tell a story

* To teach measurement and distance between small and long tubes

*Understand how we produce sound, friction and frequency

* As a coordination tool for playing in rhythm to the beat as a group and individually.

The best part is, one 8-note (8 tubes) set is only $14.99!

I bought two sets so that everyone in my class could play a boomwhacker during our activities for under $30.  Be on the lookout for an arts integration lesson plan this month on using these great tools.  Do you have any ideas for using these in your classroom?  What would you do with them if you had a set?  Please share – I’d love to know what other creative ways we may use them for!